What if a bank refused to let you withdraw money? #ThinkBitcoinWhat if a bank refused to let you withdraw your own money? #ThinkBitcoin



Open-Source Advertising (OSA) is a project conceived, designed and maintained by Proof of Work. In current bitcoin and decentralised technology, there is a tendency to simply tell users of the technological benefits and methods without giving context to the actual improvements to their lives or ways of overcoming shortfalls of the current systems. This open-source campaign project challenges observers to question assumptions around systems our society uses in day to day life – e.g. the current financial and social systems – and to consider emerging alternatives – in this case, bitcoin.

The project media takes multiple forms, including posters, stencils, banner ads and video, all designed to the highest industry standard and with calls to action driving hashtag use and direction to a website which further explains the topics at question. The source files are uploaded to Github, where they are openly available for download and available for supporters to brand with their own logos and share within their networks. Look out for updates to this ongoing campaign at POW.